The Beginning of my abstract Painting

Abstraction of Nature. And finally ends in the abstraction of three-dimensional nature.

I promised my customers, "I will thoroughly research and create a new, unique work, and do my best to become a famous artist." However it went into my days with groping blindly in the dark. It was not so easy for me to create such art work.

Later, I entered and graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College, but there was nothing to gain. So, I transferred from the College to Keio University's course of communication and literature, Class 3 Philosophy Course and chose an overview of social sciences and learned system theory. 

I was a painter so I advocated to study art work through studying Philosophy. Professor Makoto Terao gave me personal instruction for research on artistic expression based on system theory. I spend two years for my research on the artistic expression. Although two years of had passed, I was not able to pay the tuition fee so I was removed from the University. 


Here are the works from 1995 thru 2000 that I have created since I made the promise with the customers.

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